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  • Andrea Mongenie

STYLING: How to style a quick shoot

Wanna try yourself at being a props stylist for the day? 1 /Find some props 2/ Buy or forage some flowers/ branches 3/ Make or buy surfaces 4/ Make a bit of space on a table near a window with natural light where you can set everything up and you are good to go. (the natural light is important)

For this shoot below, I did exactly that. I painted a flat piece of wood (got a thin piece of plywood from a diy shop) with a paint colour. I used Bauwerk paint this time and they are a great paint company, when you apply it, it doesn't smell which I think is super amazing when you are painting something indoors; it is eco friendly and completely natural. I would highly recommend using it.

You can also use a wall in your house, it will save you a lot of time if you already have a nice colour painted wall you can use. I got a linen cloth to go down as my second surface. You can use any fabric you want, linen or a sheet of coloured paper will do. For props, try and search for interesting objects you have lying around in your house, a nice mug, a tumbler. Select objects because of their interesting colour or their shape or texture, be creative. A cool coloured plastic bag or a rock can be a prop.

If you want your shot to be more lifestyle definitely remember you can add elements like fruits, glasses, a cup of tea, a pen, some keys, a purse, a leather handbag, some gloves...etc

If you are struggling with texture and colour you can always add foliage or flowers.

You are ready to start snapping some shots.

I hope this is helpful. Practice is key. Good luck and thanks for reading.

This shoot was photographed by Alexander Edwards

Prop stylist: Andrea Mongenie The paint is Bauwerk, colour Grenadine The vase props are from H&M

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